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Monday, September 26, 2005

More on Satanic Links to The Conspiracy

The photo at the left, provided by filmmaker Paul Kimball, shows Commander Zorgrot at a centuries-old Catholic monastery in northern New Mexico in August, 2004.

Was he there to consult with authorities as to the possible links between The Conspiracy and Satan?

Could he have been seeking advice / assistance from the monks as to how to prevent the reanimation of Mr. 666?

The investigation continues...

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The Caped Avenger

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gund Girl on the Case

This photo shows Gund Girl, an ally of the League of Just Us, tracking down a lead re: the kidnapping of Commander Zorgrot, whom she has known for some time, at Bally's Casino in Las Vegas.

Her current theory is that The Conspiracy may also include Dr. No and Spectre, who may now be operating out of Las Vegas.

She is also investigating Area 51.

The investigation continues...

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The Caped Avenger
Who is Duck Throat?

Ace investigative reporter Scoop Jupiter has released new information on The Conspiracy that he obtained from a secret source, known only as the Mysterious Stranger The information, which The League of Just Us is currently analysing, can be found at:

Of particular interest is the sketch of the Mysterious Stranger provided by Jupiter, and shown above, at left.

Note the similarities between the Mysterious Stranger - or "Duck Throat" - and Commander Zorgrot, pictured at right with filmmaker Paul Kimball recently in Puerto Rico.

This raises the question of whether Duck Throat is a member of the same alien race as Zorgrot, and whether the two are working towards the same ends, namely to help stop The Conspiracy from succeeding in its evil plans.

As Duck Throat, at least for the moment, prefers to remain anonymous, we can only hope that Zorgrot is still alive, and that he will be rescued soon from the dastardly clutches of The Cyberpunk, so that he can provide more information.

The search, and the investigation, continues...

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger

Friday, September 23, 2005

Satanic Connection Discovered in The Conspiracy!

The original Top Secret - Restricted memo that was mysteriously sent by e-mail to documentary filmmaker Paul Kimball was marked as follows:

"Top Secret / Restricted - MJ12-MenzelMars/MacT/Marvin/007-7462391"


It was immediately apparent that there was involvement from the planet Mars, and from the arch-villain The Cyberpunk (aka Mac Tonnies, i.e. "MacT" - pictured at right).

Subsequent developments have revealed that the Martian component of The Conspiracy is headed by the fiendish Martian Overlord, Marvin (see:

But what puzzled me and my colleagues in the League of Just Us was the reference to "MJ-12" and "Menzel" in the TS/R memo heading. These names were unknown to us.

However, my research today has revealed the following startling information!

MJ-12 was a super top secret group within the United States government formed in 1947 to deal with a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell, New Mexico - as well as any subsequent alien spacecraft crashes - or were they shot down by the United States military, which seems to have been infiltrated by The Conspiracy??

Who knew??

What was a complete surprise, however, was the involvement in MJ-12, and hence The Conspiracy, of Harvard astronomer Dr. Donald H. Menzel.

This came as a shock because Menzel (who has been dead for over thirty years - pictured at right) was the most vocal debunker of the entire UFO phenomenon in the 1950s and 1960s!

The perfect cover for an agent of The Conspiracy - just as Aaron Sakulich's work as a debunking student newspaper columnist serves as a perfect cover for his current activities as an agent of The Conspiracy (through his links to the UFO Collective, which is aligned with The Cyberpunk).

There are two things about Menzel's involvement in The Conspiracy that are truly disturbing.

First, he is clearly linked to the Planet Mars. Indeed, in the MJ-12 document known as the Eisenhower Briefing Document (Ike was involved?? How high up does The Conspiracy go???), Menzel is specifically referred to as being the one member of the Committee who did not think the spacecraft were from Mars.

This indicates that perhaps MJ-12 is just a smokescreen - that some or all of the other members of the MJ-12 group were not fully aware of The Conspiracy, and that Menzel was trying to throw them, and the President, off the track by saying the spacecraft could not have been from Mars (this seems to clear Eisenhower).

Further, Menzel demonstrated his fascination with Martians over the years through his paintings - as can be seen by the article from the Denver Rocky Mountain News, at right.

Was Menzel using these "exhibits" as a cover for his work with the Martians? Were they used as a meeting place for members of The Conspiracy??

Was this - as with his Eisenhower Briefing Document comments - another attempt to shift attention away from the Martian involvement by making light of the Martians - as if they did not really exist!!


Thus, The Conspiracy is even more sophisticated than expected.

Menzel's involvement also raises the dire possibility that it runs even deeper than originally thought!

How deep?

Possibly to the depths of Hell itself!

We have already ascertained that there may be a connection between The Conspiracy, through Aaron Sakulich, and the Undead, in the form of the evil, demonic liches.

Further, The Cyberpunk has admitted to being in receipt of autopsy reports - autopsy reports that The Conspiracy may be using to determine which corpses can be successfully reanimated as Undead!!

And now, with Menzel's involvement confirmed, the Hell angle appears even more clear.

Examine Menzel's full name more closely:

Donald - 6 letters
Howard - 6 letters
Menzel - 6 letters


The sign of Satan!!!!

This can only mean that Sakulich and his Lich allies, in conjunction with the evil experiments of The Cyberpunk and Marvin, the Martian Overlord, are working towards one goal -

To bring Donald Howard Menzel, aka "Mr. 666," back from the dead!!!!

Dear God!

Could this be the ultimate purpose of The Conspiracy?

Or is there more??

The investigation continues...

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger
"The Cyberpunk" Admits to Involvement in The Conspiracy

Mac Tonnies, aka "The Cyberpunk," admitted today that he is involved in the conspiracy.

See his comment at:

He taunts the forces of good as follows:

"I'm in hip deep... what can I say? Pass me those autopsy reports..."

Who - or what - is being autopsied by The Conspiracy? Could this have something to do with the Undead connection, which apparently also involves Drexel engineering student Aaron Sakulich?

Given the title of The Cyberpunk's blog - The Posthuman Blues ( - it should come as no surprise that he is involved with the Undead, for what are the Undead if not Posthuman??

Cyberpunk - you fiend!!

The investigation continues...

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger
The Sakulich Connection

Acting on a tip from ace reporter Scoop Jupiter (see:, I am investigating the link between:

(a) alleged Conspirator Aaron Sakulich, an engineering student at Drexel University who writes debunking columns for The Triangle, the school paper; and

(b) the dreaded Lich army, which I have battled before with my League of Just Us colleagues.

Could The Conspiracy be planning to use Sakulich's expertise in engineering for some nefarious purpose?

Are his debunking efforts a cover for his true activities as a member of The Conspiracy?

Needless to say, this would be a most disturbing development - alien invaders allied with debunkers and the undead!

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger
Marvin The Martian Identified as Conspirator

Good work by ace reporter Scoop Jupiter, who has obtained an audio clip of Martian overlord Marvin at work in his laboratory, plotting to create monsters - undoubtedly as part of The Conspiracy!

This is an important link in establishing the nature of The Conspiracy. But - is Marvin the leader of The Conspiracy? Or is there someone else behind all of this?

Read about it at:

The investigation continues.

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger
The Return of the Caped Avenger

I have been retired as a superhero since 1992, after the final clash with my arch-nemesis, Queen Conqueror, who perished in the battle, and her cravenly side-kick, Bator - who is presumed dead.

Now I have returned to duty at the request of an old friend, Paul Kimball, who, through his work in the UFO field, has discovered some sort of massive conspiracy.

Allegedly, this plot involves a shadowy government group known as MJ-12, a cyberpunk author named Mac Tonnies, the Martians, and a civilian group known as The UFO Collective.

These are the participants in the plot who have been identified to date. They may yet establish their innocence, or more conspirators may be discovered.

For the information available so far, see:

Never fear citizens - The Caped Avenger has returned, and is on the case. All future updates will be posted here, as I investigate further.

I will be working with ace journalist Scoop Jupiter, as well as my old comrades in the League of Just Us - Dark Man, The Liquidator, The Land Shark, The Incredible Hunk, and Super Dave - and, of course, intrepid documentary filmmaker Paul Kimball.

I will discover the true purpose of this conspiracy;

I will discover who is involved; and, perhaps most important -

I will rescue the alien explorer, Commander Zorgrot, and restore him to his original state.

In pulvere vinces,

The Caped Avenger